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👌🎚️Preparing Hueman free and pro for WordPress 5.6+

Dear Hueman theme users, Hueman free (v3.6.9+) and Hueman Pro (v1.3.9+) implement javascript compatibility patches in anticipation of the version 5.6 of WordPress scheduled for December 2020. The themes also improves accessibility for links within content. fixed : [ requirements][accessibility] Links within content must be underlined fixed : [WP 5.6][jQuery] […]

✅Hueman free (v3.6.5) and pro (v1.3.5) fix a security issue and are fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.1 🔂

Dear Hueman theme users, Just a quick release note to let you know that you can safely update Hueman free (v3.6.5) and Hueman Pro (v1.3.5) with the version 5.5.1 of WordPress. The themes latest version fix a potential security vulnerability.   Changelog : Hueman has been successfully tested with WordPress […]

💾 Save and reuse sections with Nimble Builder v2.1.0

Dear Nimble Builder users, You can now save your sections and reuse them in any page of your WordPress website. Documented here : Recently introduced SEO : Integration with Yoast SEO and SEOPress   Compatibility with Membership plugins Nimble Builder is compatible with some of the most popular WordPress […]